All Mumble servers come with a default administrator account, called the SuperUser account. When you are logged in to your Mumble server under this account you will not be able to speak, but you will have full administrator privileges.

When your server is first created you can log in as the SuperUser account to create new channels, modify ACLs, or add registered user accounts to the @admin group.

You will need to know your SuperUser password before you can log in with the SuperUser account. If you have a Mumble server with us, you set your SuperUser password up when you first rented your server. If you have forgotten your SuperUser password, you may reset it through your Control Panel (Click on Server Management » SuperUser Password).

  1. First, from the Mumble Server Connect dialog, click on the Add New… button.(screenshot)
  2. Enter a name for this entry (any name will be fine), then enter the address and port number (this information can be found in your Control Panel. Finally, for the user name enter SuperUser.(screenshot)
  3. The first time you connect, you will be asked to enter a password. This is the SuperUser password you configured when you first created your account. If you forgot this password, it can be reset through your Control Panel.(screenshot)
  4. Click the OK button

We also have this tutorial available as a video: