One of the easiest ways of setting up user access in Mumble is to specify that only authenticated/registered users (the @auth group) have access to enter or speak in certain channels.

To set this up correctly, you will first want to stop users from being able to register themselves. The steps below will guide you through the process of setting this up:


  1. First, login to your Mumble server using an account that is allowed to change the ACL on your root channel. This is usually an account which is a member of the @admin group, or the SuperUser account.
  2. Next, right-click on your root channel, then click Edit. This will bring up the Edit Channel dialog.(screenshot)
  3. On the Edit Channel dialog, click on the ACL tab.(screenshot)
  4. Under Active ACLs click on the last @all group in the list to highlight it. Notice over on the right under Permissions the only permission this group has checked is the Register Self permission. You have two options at this point:
    • Click the Remove button to remove this entry from the Active ACLs list(screenshot); or
    • Uncheck the Allow permission checkbox(screenshot)
  5. Click the OK button