By default Mumble will attenuate other applications/games when a person is speaking. What this means is that when someone speaks in Mumble, if you have other audio playing, whether it be an MP3 or game, Mumble will turn down the volume of your MP3/game so you can better hear the speaker. After they have finished speaking the volume will be returned to normal.

For most users this system works well, but for those of you who would like to disable (or dampen) this functionality, follow the steps below.


  1. You do not need to be connected to a server to perform these steps. Simply launch Mumble, cancel the server browser, then click on Configure » Settings.(screenshot)
  2. On the Mumble Configuration dialog, make sure the check box next to Advanced is checked.(screenshot)
  3. Click on Audio Output(screenshot)
  4. Next to Attenuate applications by… adjust the settings as appropriate(screenshot)
    • If want to adjust how much Mumble will alter the volume of other applications, move the slider (the farther you move the slider to the right, the quieter your other applications will be).
    • If you want to disable this functionality altogether, make sure both the while other users talk and while you talk checkboxes are unchecked.
  5. Click the OK button