Had enough of a certain troublemaker causing grief in your Mumble server? Instead of changing the server password and then having to make sure to give it out to all the right people, try banning the troublemaker's account first.

Caveat: Mumble bans users by IP address. So if the troublemaker is assigned a random IP address (which is not uncommon), they may be able to get back in by simply restarting their modem.


  1. First, login to your Mumble server using an account that is allowed to ban people. By default this privilege is limited to the SuperUser account.
  2. Find the user account you wish to ban, then right-click their account and click the Ban option.(screenshot)
  3. A dialog box will appear, asking the reason for a ban. Enter a short description on why this user should be banned. This description will be shown in the ban list. If you have a long list of banned users, it will make it easier to remember why you banned a particular user.(screenshot)
  4. Click the OK button

Accidentally banned the wrong user? Not to worry, we also have a tutorial on how to remove a ban.