About our Network

Centrally located in the continental United States, our network and servers are purpose built and optimized to route voice traffic. Unlike a lot of other Internet traffic like file downloads or browsing Web pages, Voice over IP (VoIP) consists entirely of small packets of data. Having smaller packets requires network interface cards, switches, and routers that can process a relatively high volume of packets per second (pps).

Professionally designed, our network is built from the ground up for redundancy and performance. Built to have no single point of failure, our network has been able to consistently achieve 100% uptime.

Our premium network, optimized for performance and reliability, directly connects you to three Tier 1 providers: Internap, Level 3, and TW Telecom. Our network offers the redundancy of BGP enhanced by our Internap 5200 flow control platform (FCP). This multicarrier intelligent routing appliance identifies the absolute fastest route across Internet backbones, improving performance 15 to 25 percent. In addition, we use 10 gigabit Ethernet connections from all providers, minimizing congestion. The fully redundant Cisco architecture uses Layer 3 6509 switches.

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