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How do I change the number of slots for my server?

You may increase your Mumble server’s capacity at any time using our automated system. You may decrease your Mumble server's capacity once each month. Your new slot count will take effect immediately, without having to restart your Mumble server. The expiration date of your Mumble service will be adjusted accordingly.

Is there a way to display on my website who is logged in to my Mumble server?
Yes there is, check out our Mumble Viewer.
Where are your servers located?
We have server farms in:
Amsterdam, NL
Dallas, TX
London, UK
Los Angeles, CA
Montreal, Canada
Sydney, Australia
Washington DC

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How long does it take for you to move my Mumble server to a different location?
Server moves are handled by our automated system. Your server will be available in the new location immediately after you click the Move button in our control panel.
What version of Mumble do you guys use?
Our servers are running version 1.2.10
Is there an additional charge if I want to run a public server?
Can I manage my Mumble server with the built-in ZeroC Ice API?
ZeroC Ice is not available at this time.
Do you offer vanity domain names (i.e. myclan.commandchannel.com)?
Yes! Login to your control panel and Click on Server Manager -> Vanity Name. We currently offer the following formats: yourname.commandchannel.com or yourname.mumble.cc or yourname.mumble.world or yourname.mymumble.xyz.
Can I use my own domain name with your service (i.e. mumble.myclan.org)
Yes! Please contact us for personal assistance with setting this up.
Do you have any sponsorships available?
We do offer sponsorships to outstanding teams and organizations. Sponsorships are available on a limited basis. Please see our sponsorship page for additional information.

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