Included with every Mumble server we sell is a custom-built from scratch control panel.

The goal of building a custom panel, rather than using a pre-built one like TCAdmin or GameCP, was to build a system that benefits from the ease of use a web site provides, but still has the same power and flexibility that direct access to the configuration file and Ice interface gives you.

We make regular updates to the panel, adding in requested features, or making it even more user-friendly.


Some of the features available through our custom Mumble control panel include:

  • Start & stop your Mumble server
  • View your full server log file
  • Configure an afk/idle user scanner, which automatically moves users to an AFK channel if they haven't spoken after a set time period
  • Helpful instructions for setting up a Mumble Channel Viewer on your website
  • One-click server re-installation (wipe all of your Mumble channels, ACLs, passwords, etc) – but keep your server address and port number!
  • Manage server settings (the same settings available through murmur.ini)
  • Reset your SuperUser password
  • and many more…